Koobli: The New Snuggie for the Parenting Set

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Come on, now, we've all experienced one of those evenings where we're all dressed up for a rare night out, but, before the baby-sitter arrives, we must first make sure the kids scarf down their spaghetti with their hands.

OK, so maybe kids only eat messy pasta with their fingers in infomercials, but, still, there's a new adult-size smock in town. One part grown-up bib, one part Snuggie, the unisex Koobli promises to have your back -- well, it doesn't really have a back -- but it's got your front, anyway.

Made from oh-so-stylish "100 percent micro polyester woven suede," the Koobli is water and stain resistant, machine washable and -- we're not making this up -- flame retardant. In a press release, the company suggests wearing it during arts and crafts projects and while eating in the car, feeding your pets and watering your plants. So chic! You'll be the talk of the neighborhood in this mommy bib, but maybe for all the wrong reasons.

Did somebody say Koobli bar crawl?

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