How to Play: Circle Delight

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What you need: You need two balls.

How to play: Divide the children into two teams. Give each team a ball, and have each team stand in a circle beside the other. The purpose is to see if one team can move its ball from player to player at such a speed that it overtakes the ball from the opposing team.

The rules: At the starting signal, each team begins throwing the ball in the same direction from person to person on the same team. The balls start moving from opposing players standing opposite each other in the circle. If one team can overtake the ball from the other team by moving faster than the other team, that team receives a point, and the game starts over. Teams play until one team gets three points.

How to win: The first team to get three points is the winning team.

What else you need to know: The ball must be relayed between players of one team as they are positioned in the circle while not hindering the opposing team.

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