How to Play: Do You Love Your Neighbor?

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Remove one chair each round. Credit: Corbis

What you need: You need chairs for this game.

How to play: Arrange chairs in a circle. You will need enough to have one chair for every player except for one player. Have players sit in the chairs. The one person left standing will be "it" and choose a player and sit in her lap.

The rules: "It" will ask the person in whose lap he is sitting, "Do you love your neighbor?" If she says yes, all players must move one seat in either direction, and "it" tries to steal someone's seat. If "it" steals a seat, the last person standing will become the new "it." However, if she says no, then "it" will ask, "Who do you love?" She will name another player. The player that was chosen will then answer with a physical trait of other people in the circle (ex. glasses, shoes, hair color, and style of clothes). People with that trait will move to any seat they can get except for their own. They must hurry so that "it" won't steal a seat.

How to win: After a certain amount of time, the game will end, and whoever is "it" at that point is the loser.

What else you need to know: In a variation of this game, remove one chair after each round and whoever is the last person seated is the winner.

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