Going to Paint a Kids' Room? We Found the Best Colors

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Experts share their favorite colors to paint kids' rooms and play spaces.

Picking paint colors can be a daunting task. With thousands of colors to choose from, it's hard to know what colors will look good. Children's rooms can be particularly tricky. Parents want to create spaces that are cheerful and energizing for their kids (that will grow with them), but they often opt for colors they wouldn't use in the rest of their home. Paint colors for children should indeed be cheerful, but they should also be ones that you, the parent, can appreciate.

ShelterPop asked several experts in children's room decor to share some of their favorite paint colors. Here's what they had to say:

children's room rosemary green paint color

This room features Rosemary Green on its walls. Photo: David Engelhardt

Interior designer and stylist Allison Tick says she's a big fan of green for a child's room, specifically Benjamin Moore's 'Rosemary Green # 2029-30.' "I've used it more than once and it's always a hit," says Tick. Another favorite trick of hers is using chalkboard paint and magnetic chalkboard paint in rooms designed for children.

Children's room Jennifer Jones Niche Interiors

Jennifer Jones of Niche Interiors isn't shy with her paint choices. Photos: Jennifer Hale Photography

Jennifer Jones, principal of Niche Interiors, says that, "light green is a great option for a gender-neutral nursery." Two of her tried-and true-shades are Benjamin Moore 'Wales Green #2028-50' and Benjamin Moore's 'Folk Art #528.'

For parents ready to make a bolder color choice, Jones recommends Benjamin Moore's Iris Bliss #1383, which she used in a room designed for an 8-year-old girl. Says Jones, "This saturated lilac gives the walls a nice jolt of color without screaming 'purple'!" An even brighter alternative is Benjamin Moore's Rosy Blush #2086-30 (above). "As far as hot pinks go, this is the real deal," says Jones.

Children's room neutral color wall paint

Neutrals can work well as a backdrop for kids' creativity. Photo: Jeffrey Hirsch for New York Social Diary

Lisa Mahar, founder of Kid O, a New York City design store for children says, "I'm a firm believer in neutral colors (but not necessarily white) for kids' rooms. I think paint should provide a backdrop for a child's own work and collections rather than being the focal point of a child's room." Case in point: Lisa's children's room has neutral off-white walls.

Children's room blue paint color

Sometimes you have to mix your own colors to get the perfect shade. Photo: Minor Details Design

Jennifer Ward of Minor Details Design and the blog Minor Details is a fan of crisp, turquoise blue for a child's room, but sometimes the perfect color is hard to come by. Seeking just the right hue, she found that an equal mixture of Ralph Lauren's Mediterranean Blue iB83 and Bali Turquoise iB84 created the perfect hue. Ward also notes that she's fond of using low VOC paints like Mythic Pain and Benjamin Moore's Nutra line in rooms designed for kids.

Susanna Salk, author of the book "Room For Children," says that she's a big fan of orange for children's rooms. "It's so unisex and very happy," says Salk. "Also orange can grow with child all the way through [their childhood]," unlike soft blues or pastel pinks that might start to feel too "baby" once a child is a little older. (Benjamin Moore's Tropical Orange #2170-20 is a favorite of Salk's.) If orange is too bold for your tastes, Salk suggests a pairing of light charcoal and white for a nursery. "It's unexpectedly elegant and again, unisex," notes Salk.

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