Should States Be Cutting Teachers to Save Money?

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states cutting teachers

Should teachers' jobs be on the budget chopping block? Credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Times are tough, and many states are looking to cut teachers in order to save money. But is education the place to make cuts?

In New York City, Mayor Bloomberg recently said that nearly 5,000 teachers could be laid off. We've been hearing a lot about teacher seniority, bloated union benefits and so on.

I was talking to a taxi driver about this topic yesterday (seriously) and he pointed out that in the past couple of years, Bloomberg has spent a lot of money creating bike lanes, making, in his words, the roads smaller, despite the fact that there are more cars.

This got me thinking: Might there not be other areas to cut before cutting teachers? This isn't only happening in New York City, of course -- it's a national issue. I don't pretend to understand the complexities of government budgets, but I do know that fewer teachers is unlikely to mean a better educational experience for children.

What do you think? Should states be cutting teachers to save money? Or should they look elsewhere to find that much-needed cash?

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