'Born This Way' Blog Out to Show Being Gay Is Not a Choice

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Born This Way blog childhood pictures of gays

Photos from the Born This Way blog include stories from gay adults. Photos courtesy Bornthiswayblog.com

Lady Gaga's recent Grammy performance of "Born This Way" may not have fans attempting to hatch from giant eggs, but it has inspired at least one blog we think you should check out.

A Los Angeles D.J. who goes by Paul V. started the Born This Way blog Jan. 9, as a photo and essay project for gay adults to submit childhood pictures and stories.

Nearly 400 posts and more than 1.4 million page views later, the site is full of fearless, funny and honest posts about kids discovering their sexuality.

"... Some of the pix here feature gay boys with feminine traits, and some gay girls with masculine traits. And even more gay kids with NONE of those traits," Paul V. writes. "Just like real life, these gay kids come in all shades and layers of masculine and feminine."

He calls the blog a study in sociology.

"As you'll see -- time after time -- their sexual orientation was simply NOT a choice. Exactly the same way straight kids can't choose their sexual orientation, either," he continues. "... And the sooner we teach all children that being gay is as normal (and biological) as being straight, then maybe it really WILL get better, and we can save some young lives in the process."

Paul V writes that his goal is to allow today's struggling gay kids to "see themselves in the faces & stories of the gay kids of yesterday, to LIVE to create their own memories."

As a poster named Jonathan, pictured above left, writes of his 5-year-old self:

"Me back then? Boys behind me staring, with my head tilted, hands on hips, left foot in front of the right foot, goofy smile in place -- while wearing neon pants. And me now? Christ, I can learn a lot from that little boy."

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