How to Play: Talking Behind Your Back

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Writing behind your back! Credit: Influx Productions, Getty Images

What you need: You will need pieces of paper, washable markers, tape and pencils.

How to play: Each person writes her name on a piece of paper in pencil. Players will then help each other tape their pieces of paper to their backs. Players should tape the paper so that players' names are not showing. Using washable markers, everyone must write something about each person on the paper on her back.

The rules: Tell players that they must write positive or funny things about each person. No negativity or meanness. Leader removes all the papers and lays them out for everyone to view and asks how well do you think you know yourself or what others think about you? What would they say behind YOUR back? After reading them, participants may predict which one they think may have been on their back.

How to win: Everyone can turn the papers over to find her own paper. Players who correctly predicted their own papers are the winners.

What else you need to know: Players can keep their papers to feel good about what others said behind their backs.

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