Best Wallpaper Patterns for Kids Rooms

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Skip the blue or pink paint. Here are 10 of our favorite wall coverings for kids' rooms.

Decorating kids' rooms is a chance to have some fun with decor, especially when it comes to the walls. While most of the rooms of your house probably maintain a certain degree of seriousness, a child's room can be purely playful. That's not to say that you should turn your daughter's room into a floor-to-ceiling Disney theme park. It does mean that you can take some risks you might not normally take in, say, the dining room or the living room.

Children's wallpapers are a wonderland of whimsy, some of it good and some very, very bad. The key to picking a wallpaper pattern for your child is to choose something that both of you like. Avoid cartoon characters or any over-the-top themes, but don't be afraid of fun: A robot or a sailboat motif are among our picks.

wallpaper patterns stripes kids rooms

Photos: Farrow & Ball

Say Stripes
You can't go wrong with a classic stripe in a child's room. Stripes will remain age-appropriate as your child grows older and most stripe patterns are fairly gender-neutral, so you won't have to worry if the paper will work for another child down the line. Farrow & Ball's Broad Stripe is a handsome 5¼"-wide pattern available in 37 combinations of the company's signature hues.

wallpaper patterns robots kids rooms

Photos: Aimée Wilder

Hipster Cartoons
Skip the expected cartoons like Dora the Explorer and opt for the infinitely chicer Robot pattern ($156 per roll) by Aimée Wilder. Your child will love it simply for the robots, and you'll appreciate the quirky pattern for its surprising colorways and adorable details.

wallpaper patterns junior sun kids rooms

Photos: Jonathan Adler

Happy, Happy Walls
We first spotted Jonathan Adler's wallpaper for kids when he revealed his Jonathan Adler Junior line at last year's New York International Gift Fair. Now you can purchase the papers for your own home. The retro-feeling Junior Sun Wallpaper ($195 for a jumbo roll) is covered with sun-like images and cheerful faces in both a cool, masculine and a warm, feminine palettes.

wallpaper patterns world map wall mural kids rooms

Photos: Urban Outfitters

A Lesson in Fun
A world map mural is a classic choice for a child's room -- plus, it does double duty as a tool for geography lessons. Urban Outfitters is offering an easy-to-install, 8-foot by 13-foot World Map Wall Mural ($140) that's sure to be the focal point of any space you choose to hang it.

wallpaper patterns ralph lauren kids rooms

Photos: Ralph Lauren/

Daydreams Encouraged
Leave it to Ralph Lauren to create preppy-chic wallpapers that feel timeless. The Northern Hemisphere - Midnight Blue pattern (left, $52 per roll) and the Maritime - Lake pattern (right, $52 per roll) both look like they could have been used in a 1950s summer house, but still feel fresh today.

wallpaper patterns kids rooms pink floral

Photos: Blonder Home/Sherwin-Williams

Pink, But Not Too Pink
Little girls like pink. Period. Indulge your daughter's love of rosy hues with a delicate pattern that isn't too pink. If you opt for a simple repeat on a neutral background like these two patterns from Blonder Home, Alphabet Soup #SW1BR9101 (left, $58.50 for two rolls) and Animal Crackers #SW4RF9501 (right, $54.00 for two rolls), you can mix and match different patterns with the print. (To purchase, go to Sherwin-Williams and search by pattern number.)

wallpaper patterns kids rooms paint by numbers

Photos: Jenny Wilkinson/2Jane

Paint Your Own Wallpaper
For something unique, splurge on one of the patterns from Jenny Wilkinson's 'Wallpaper-By-Number' collection. The papers are printed with a pattern that is numbered just like a traditional paint-by-number painting -- you (or your child) gets to paint the pattern in. The Pineapple pattern (left, $120 per roll) has been partially painted, while the Tilly the Flying Dog pattern (right, $120 per roll) shows the papers as they come.

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