College Basketball Player Suspended for Violating BYU Honor Code; Should Codes Matter?

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BYU has suspended Brandon Davies for the rest of the season for violating the school's honor code. The university announced the move March 1, 2011. Credit: Isaac Brekken, AP

College basketball is a big deal, especially in March. (March Madness, anyone?) So the fact that Brigham Young University player Brandon Davies was suspended for having sex out of wedlock must have been frustrating to BYU fans. Especially since the team quickly lost their first game without him, according to published reports.

At first glance, I said, "Suspended for premarital sex? That's stupid." But BYU has an honor code that demands students remain "chaste and virtuous." According to BYU's website, you have to ask permission to grow a beard. So it's not like Davies didn't know he was doing something that would get him in trouble. (Unless he was drunk. But I'm guessing that's a violation of the honor code as well.)

BYU coach David Rose said that he thinks Davies will play for the team again in the future. Personally, I think that when you sign something called an "honor code," you should, well, honor it. Even if you are a really good basketball player.

So what do you think? Do student honor codes matter? Or should they make exceptions sometimes?

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