On the Hunt: Kid-Friendly Coffee Tables

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kid friendly coffee tables

Style and kids -- let's just say they don't make much of a match. But we found several coffee tables that won't add any more bumps and bruises to your little one's head.

You want a stylish coffee table, but here's the reality: Kids will fall and climb on it and probably bump into the sharp edges daily. Since you can't do too much to curb their clumsy ways, you need to be sure that your furniture can break a fall without breaking a bone.

We've rounded up a variety of attractive coffee tables, most under $300, that won't be a danger to little heads, hands and feet.

kid friendly coffee tables

Credit: West Elm, Hayneedle, Target

Soft Tables
Ottomans or padded tables are a great coffee table alternative. You can use trays and platters on top if you need to rest drinks or food, but while your child is playing you can feel relieved to know that he won't be getting any boo-boos if he falls onto it. Here are a few options I found that would work great in any style home.

From top left, clockwise: Upholstered Dhurrie Slab, $299, West Elm, is a low rider. The patchwork fabric will hide spills and stains and it acts like an oversized pillow so no bumps or bruises. You could probably use this as a body pillow when guests aren't around! Add the removable Raw Wood Side Table, $149, when entertaining guests.

The Homeelegence Coffee Table Ottoman with Trays, $299, Hayneedle, isn't even real leather so you don't have to feel bad if it gets scratched up. Covered in a soft surface, this ottoman table is perfect for a family and can double as a set of tray tables on family movie night.

The leather Modular Storage Ottoman, $150, Target, will easily wipe clean and prevent injuries while hiding toys and coloring books inside.

kid friendly coffee tables

Credit: Sears, Modern Nursery, Allmodern, Sitbetter, Chiasso, CB2

Super Soft Movable Cubes
Sometimes you need extra seating, storage or space more than a coffee table, which is why movable cubes are the perfect option. You can place multiple cubes together to create a cohesive coffee table or separate for added seating when entertaining guests. Some of these cubes are even light enough for the little ones to move around on their own.

From top left, clockwise: The Safavieh Hud4063A Lorenzo Storage Ottoman, $148, Sears, has hidden storage for toys and coloring books. It's made of leather and has a protective coating for stain resistance. And it makes the perfect footrest.

The P'kolino Storage Ottoman, $229, Modern Nursery, comes with an upholstered top that flips over to reveal a wooden underside, perfect for sitting drinks atop when entertaining or using as a solid coloring surface for the little ones. Inside, you can stash magazines or toys. And -- bonus -- it's vinyl, so cleaning up after sticky fingers is a snap.

Modern moms take note of the Gus*Modern Jasper Cube, $250, Allmodern.com, which is available in simple gray or a cute tree pattern; the Detour Square Cube is a steal at $75, Sitbetter.com, comes in a nice, bright orange along with a few other neutral colors, too; and the Patent Cube, $198, Chiasso (easily wipes clean).

Looking for something with a handmade feeling, or perhaps something a little rounder? These Knitted Poufs, $80, CB2, a piece and create a more relaxed feeling then a square ottoman.

kid friendly coffee tables

Credit: Photo: IKEA, Raymour & Flanigan, Sears, Macy's, CB2

Round Tables
Nothing says kid-friendly like no corners or sharp edges. Round tables aren't going out of style any time soon so don't worry about feeling behind on the trends.

From top left, clockwise: Back to basics: you won't feel bad if the simple wood VEJMON coffee table, $150, IKEA, gets a little crayon on it now and then. Rounded edges protect baby while protecting you from worry.

The Brunswick Table, $379, Raymour & Flanigan, combines the rich wood of a round coffee table with the softness of an ottoman.

If you're looking to buy a table that's fun for kids and adults, try this Powell White Round Chalkboard Table, $118, Sears. With this table, you don't ever have to be concerned if your child decided to draw outside the lines.

Another more polished-looking coffee table is the Chambre Round Cocktail Table, $299, Macy's. When guests come over, you no longer have to be embarrassed that your home looks like Romper Room.

The Smart Round Coffee Table, $299, CB2, is a modern-style table with a marble top and metal legs. Note: This is definitely not a safe pick for parents with crawlers and toddlers. But we included it for those determined to have marble in their living room -- If you are going to go with marble, a round option is definitely best. It's a little lighter and more airy than a dark wood table or heavy ottoman, and you don't have to worry about damage because the top is as durable as a marble countertop.

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