Child Abuse Comes to YouTube

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A few weeks ago I wrote about what seems to be a new trend -- Hooters birthday parties for kids and the disturbing fact that parents found it fit to post the sad, uncomfortable affair on YouTube. The site has also exposed criminally sadistic parents who post videos of toddlers smoking weed, drinking beer and being prodded to fight by the very people charged with protecting and loving them.

Well, it looks like radical Muslims have invented a whole new category of child abuse on YouTube -– child re-enacted suicide bombings -– complete with farewell hugs from children posing as friends and family of the would-be martyr child-bomber, all set to catchy Middle Eastern tunes by their proud parents.

It makes one pine for the wholesomeness of a scantily clad Hooters girl singing "Happy Birthday" to a third grader.

Muslim critics of America are right to point to our cultural decadence and immorality. This includes Bill Clinton's Oval Office indiscretion, which introduced grade schoolers to the term "oral sex;" raunchy rap music videos; and the myriad of "rights" adults fight for, like pornography, that wind up infecting our children's worlds and minds. For the last 10 years, America has done a pathetic job of shielding our children from the worst elements and influences of our popular culture.

But the Muslim world has plenty to answer to as well. The most radical strains of their religion receive far too little condemnation from the moderates among them. While some child advocacy groups in the Mideast have spoken out, the "Arab street" is conspicuously muted on these matters. This conspiracy of silence gives rise to, at worst, the glorification of suicide and violence against "infidels," to, at best, an intolerance for Jews and Westerners that corrupts the innocent hearts and minds of children. When even "moderate" Muslim clerics commonly preach disdain for the West, it's hard to imagine how future Muslim leaders will seek peace and understanding with the Western world.

The images coming from our television screen over the last few weeks point to a world that is shifting in dramatic and potentially dangerous ways. Now is the time for parents to teach their children about the value of love and respect for all; it's also time to hold those who don't accountable.

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