Poofin Star and Charms

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poofin star and charms

Poofins may just be the next big collectible craze. Credit: Poofin

What do you get when you cross a charm bracelet, a beloved plush toy and pogs? A cool, customizable collection of childhood memories called Poofin, which made a big splash at last month's Toy Fair.

To start, kids collect soft Poofin Charms with pictures on them of their very favorite things -- like butterflies, ice cream, soccer balls and puppies. Then all these charms get stuffed into a hole in the Poofin Star, an oh-so-soft star-shaped pillow that happily stores all their dreams. And when they want to take them out and share with friends, the Poofin Star zips open for easy access.

There are a bunch of ready-made charms available now and lots more on the way. Kids can also vote for the designs they want to see in the next batch of charms via the Poofin website. And coming soon: the Poofin Factory, where you'll be able to customize your own Create-A-Charms.

Available at Poofin: $4.95 for Charms, $29.95 for Stars

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