Should an Alleged Criminal Be Allowed to Coach Little League?

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criminal coach little league

Would you want an alleged criminal teaching your kid about sportsmanship? Credit: Charlie Riedel, AP

This question comes via an item from NBC News in New York: "Brooklyn Magistrate Ramon Reyes has allowed Anthony Colandra, suspected in a double murder, to leave his Upper East Side home for two hours on Sundays and Mondays to coach his son's team in the Catholic Youth Organization."

The alleged criminal is out on bail, and his son's team practices close to Colandra's apartment.

Last year I appeared on CNN HLN to talk about whether or not someone with a criminal record should be allowed to coach Little League. The circumstances in that case were different -- it came out that the coach was an ex-con after he punched the league president, and he didn't have any children of his own playing on the team. This time, it's someone who has only been accused of a crime, is out on bail, and it's his own son's team that he's coaching.

That said, how would you feel if your child were on that team? Should alleged criminals be allowed to coach Little League?

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