Do You Leave Your Kids in the Car When You Go Shopping?

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leaving kids in the car

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A South Carolina mom has been charged with "unlawful conduct toward a child." What did she do? Left three kids in a pick-up truck while she went shopping at Walmart, according to NBC's WCBD News.

This is hardly the first time a parent has left a child in the car while they ran some errands. Or, you know, went to a brothel. Whenever I see stories like these, I wonder why they don't simply bring the kids into the store. In this case, the mom went shopping with her boyfriend. According to published reports, they were gone for over 20 minutes. Leaving kids in the car alone is a bad idea. Leaving three kids, ages 3, 4 and 6, in a car alone is a really bad idea.

Still, it all depends on age and circumstances. Maybe sometimes it's just easier to leave the kid in the car while you run in to the store.

What about you? Do you leave your kids in the car when you go shopping?

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