Aussie Lesbian Couple Gives Birth to Quintuplets Without IVF

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Five babies equal one big belly. Credit: jupiterimages

The odds of having quintuplets are a staggering one in 60 million, but a lesbian couple from Down Under conceived five babies without IVF.

Melissa Keevers, 27, delivered boys Noah, Charlie and girls Eireann, Evie and Abby at a Brisbane hospital on Jan. 2 at 26 weeks, Australian Woman's Day magazine reports.

The preemies, who ranged in weight from just more than 1.8 pounds to just under 2 pounds, were delivered by a team of 25 doctors and nurses, joined Lily, their 18-month-old big sister. Keevers and her partner, Rosemary Nolan, 22, tell the magazine they were very teary-eyed when the babies were born.

"It was such a journey before they arrived that when we actually met them we realized what it was all for," Nolan tells Woman's Day.

The couple was not able to hold the babies for the first week, the magazine reports, as the quintuplets were in intensive care.

"After just having five babies it's hard to only be able to visit them and touch them through a hole in the crib," Keevers tells Woman's Day, adding that when they finally were allowed to give them a cuddle "you can't put into words what it's like to finally hold them."

The babies are thriving, according to the magazine, having put on weight, and Noah, the oldest and heaviest, is out of the incubator and being breast-fed, although doctors have still not said when the children can go home.

The babies' father is a 27-year-old U.S. law student who is also the biological father of Lily, Woman's Day reports, adding that the couple met him through an Internet fertility company and he apparently has signed away all rights.

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