Piggyback Rider

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Piggyback rider

Piggyback ride? No problem! Credit: Piggyback Rider

"I wanna piggyback ride!"

If hearing this request/demand makes you wince at the thought of the ensuing back pain -- not to mention the choke hold most kids inflict with it -- discovering the right carrier may make your child's plea much more tolerable.

The Piggyback Rider, made for kids ages 2 ½ to 7 (and up to 60 pounds), weighs less than 3 pounds and is about the size of a rolled towel. A backpack with a shoulder-mounted foot bar that hits just below an adult's waist gives your little one something to stand on, and four grab handles and a safety harness keep him or her secure.

So, as you walk around, your kid stands -- piggyback style -- behind you. And you don't have to suffer in discomfort.

The Piggyback Rider is $79.99 at thepiggybackrider.com.

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