Girl, 9, Gets Hit by Truck, Saves Her Little Sister's Life

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Sisterly love took on a whole new meaning for Anaiah Rucker last month, when the 9-year-old girl saved her little sister's life by letting herself get hit by a pickup truck.

Anaiah and her 5-year-old sister, Camry, were crossing the street to catch the bus for school when the accident happened, ABC affiliate WSBTV in Madison, Ga., reports.

"I love her more than anything," Anaiah told the station from her Atlanta hospital room. "I pushed my sister out of the way so she wouldn't get hit."

Morning Express reports Anaiah nearly died from her injuries, which included two broken legs -- the left leg was amputated, a broken neck and spleen damage. She also lost a kidney.

Anaiah tells WSBTV it was raining that day, that she looked both ways and thought they were clear to enter the street.

"I saw the truck and I was like, 'No!' " Andrea Taylor, the girls' mother who was watching from her porch, tells WSBTV. "I seen my daughter kinda snatch my 5-year-old back, and if it wasn't for that, my 5-year-old would have ... I don't think she would have made it."

The truck driver was not charged in the incident, according to the network.

WSBTV reports Anaiah is scheduled to be released today, and police cars and fire trucks from Madison will provide an escort home where it will be Anaiah Rucker Day.

Hailed as a hero, Anaiah tells WSBTV her motives were simple.

"I thought she was too young," she tells the network. "She's my sister. I love her."

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