How to Play: Potato Picker

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Get the potato and run! Credit: Getty Images

What you need: You need raw potatoes, chairs, and buckets.

How to play: Divide the children into equally numbered teams. Each team will need a chair placed in front of them at the starting line, and a bag of potatoes and a bucket about 20-30 feet from the starting line.

The rules: At the starting signal, the first players on each team will run to the bag of potatoes, pull out one potato, and run back to the starting line and place the potato on the chair. The potato should be placed close to the edge of the chair. The player will then sit down in the chair, get the potato between her legs, and then stand up holding the potato between her legs without using her hands to secure it. She will then carefully walk over to the bucket and drop the potato into the bucket without using her hands. She will then run back to her team and tag the next player who will do the same thing. Play continues until all players have gone.

How to win: The first team to complete the race is the winning team.

What else you need to know: You may want to wash the potatoes before the game just in case someone is wearing clothes she doesn't want to get dirty.

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