Should Student Athletes Be Paid?

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student athletes

Credit: Skip Peterson, AP

The NCAA College Basketball Tournament is in full swing and March Madness is upon us. Have you filled out your bracket yet? Despite all of the attention that the games receive, the only people not making money are the players themselves.

It's easy to forget that these athletes are college students, who in theory are in school to learn stuff. Some receive scholarships for their exceptional athletic ability, but, is that enough?

Division I student athletes receive a lot of help and some of them don't take advantage of it, columnist Paul Daugherty claims. On the other hand, "A $2,000 per semester stipend would go a long way for giving the student athletes extra money to help pay bills and living expenses," argues a Huffington Post writer.

College athletics pull in a staggering amount of money, and the athletes see none of it. Back in 2006, the average salary for an NCAA college coach was $800,000, according to USA Today. And reports that the NCAA receives $771.5 million per year from the sale of TV rights to the games. That money is split among the various schools.

What do you think? Should student athletes be paid? Or are scholarships enough?

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