As a Parent, Are You Bothered By Charlie Sheen?

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charlie sheen

Credit: Chris Pizzello, AP

Charlie Sheen's meltdown falls into two categories: amusing and sad.

As PD writer, Amy Hatch, points out, Charlie Sheen's meltdown is being used as entertainment. Because, it is indeed entertaining -- in a train-wreck sort of way. As a parent, though, it was hard not to feel sadness when his sons were taken away.

The Sheen saga isn't fading anytime soon. Mr. Tiger Blood " changing America's pop culture landscape," Fox News says. He is even going on a live tour. It seems like he is doing everything but being a father.

So what do you think? As a parent, are you disturbed by Charlie Sheen's meltdown? Or is it just more grist for the celebrity meltdown mill?

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