Game Review: 'MLB 11: The Show'

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Rated ON for Ages 9 and Up

What Parents Need to Know

Parents need to know "MLB 11: The Show: is a straightforward simulation of Major League Baseball. Players guide one of 32 teams to the World Series or create an athlete and lead him to a Hall of Fame career. Note that real teams, players, and commercial brands feature prominently throughout the game. The game is playable online, a feature Common Sense Media does not recommend for children under the age of 12.

The good stuff

  • Ease of play: Gameplay has shifted from button controls to the thumbsticks. Players use them to pitch, hit, and field. A practice mode allows players to learn moves at their own pace. The PlayStation 3 version supports the PlayStation Move motion controller.
  • Educational value: The game teaches players about the sport of baseball, including rules and strategies.
  • Messages: This game emphasizes teamwork while allowing players the opportunity to make key plays leading to victory, creating a sense of achievement.
  • Role models: This game features current Major League Baseball players. These players work together as part of a team.

What to watch out for

  • Online interaction: This game features online play with open chat, which means kids could be subjected to inappropriate language and topics of discussion and have the opportunity to share personal information.
  • Violence: Not an issue.
  • Sex: Not an issue.
  • Language: Not an issue.
  • Consumerism: Ads for popular brands, such as Citi, State Farm, and PlayStation, can be spotted in stadiums on scoreboards and outfield walls.
  • Drinking, drugs, & smoking: Not an issue.

What's the Story?

"MLB 11: The Show" is a straightforward simulation of Major League Baseball. Players either manage and lead a franchise to World Series glory or create an athlete and launch their baseball career. New to the series are analog controls that allow players to hit, pitch, and field using the right thumbstick. The game also features a cooperative mode where two players can team up and battle another squad. Other modes include Practice and Home Run Derby.

Is It Any Good?

"MLB 11: The Show" is the best baseball game available. The level of realism compared to most sports titles is unparalleled. It's difficult to look at this game and not think you're watching the real thing. Analog controls require some adjustment, but add another layer of challenge. Players can exhibit an overwhelming level of control over teams, from signing contracts to managing minor league squads. It's not just a stellar baseball title, but also arguably one of the best sports games available.

Play it on: PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PSP

This review of "MLB 11: The Show" was written by Brett Molina.

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