Music Review: "E.T." by Kanye West and Katy Perry

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Rated IFFY for Ages 13-14

What Parents Need to Know

Parents need to know that "E.T." is a heavily suggestive song about sex. Though it doesn't feature any swearing or super-graphic sexual references, it toes right up to the line at times, with lyrics like "infect me with your love, and fill me with your poison." Overall, this tune about adult sexual behavior is too mature for younger kids.

The good stuff

  • Messages: This song's message about sexual encounters isn't exactly positive or negative -- just mature.
  • Role models: There's nothing overwhelmingly positive or negative about these behaviors, which are too mature for young kids to engage in.

What to watch out for

  • Violence: Not an issue.
  • Sex: Some pretty heavy references to sex, such as "Im'a disrobe you / Then Im'a probe you."
  • Language: A bleeped-out "f--k."
  • Consumerism: Mentions Prada.
  • Drinking, drugs, & smoking: Talks about "getting stupid" at a bar.

What's the Story?

Originally appearing on her album "Teenage Dream," "E.T." is a single by singer Katy Perry that has been remixed with rapper Kanye West. The song focuses on one topic -- sex -- with both artists singing and rhyming about how the object of their affection is "from a whole other world, a different dimension." Strongly suggestive at times, the tune strays away from overt sexual references but is still too mature for younger ears.

Is It Any Good?

While the original version of this methodical tune lacked some pizazz, the addition of West gives the song a welcome punch. Alternating between Perry's powerful vocals and Yeezy's saucy rapping style, the song lodges itself in your thoughts like only a memorable track will. Still, this one is best left for teens and adults

This review of "E.T." was written by Stephanie Bruzzese.

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