School Bus Driver Busted for Texting 1,000-Plus Times

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Texting while driving with kids on board is not only dangerous, it's stupid. Credit: AP

Here's the scoop, moms, dads and bus drivers everywhere: Texting while driving with kids on board is not only dangerous, it's stupid -- especially if you're under police surveillance.

Just ask the Trumbell, Conn., school bus driver arrested this week after police cameras caught her texting 1,068 messages (to be precise), reports.

"It's complicated" is an understatement in describing how cops busted Evelyn Guzman, 47.

Almost a year after her daughter, Jennifer Davila, 24, was arrested for assaulting a special needs student on her mom's school bus in May 2010, detectives were reviewing surveillance video they had captured from April 6 through May.

Lo and behold, they not only verified Davila, the bus monitor at the time, assaulting a student passenger, but there was Guzman texting away behind the wheel, according to the local NBC channel.

Guzman turned herself into authorities earlier this week and has been charged with risk of injury to a minor and reckless endangerment. She is free on $1,500 bond and is scheduled to appear in court March 25, police tell NBC.

Texting while driving a bus is nothing new. Remember the San Antonio bus driver with a bus of disable passengers who was caught pulling out a cell phone and then slamming into a car? No one was hurt, but the driver lost his job, according to

And, earlier this month, an Oak Hill, Ohio, group of concerned parents approached the school district with cell phone video captured by students showing their bus driver texting while they were en route to school, WSAZ reports.

The driver has been put on administrative leave as the school district investigates, according to the channel.

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