Facebook Kicks Off 20,000 Kids Every Day, Bye Bye, Babies!

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Is your tween sneaking onto Facebook? Credit: Toby Talbot, AP

OK, so maybe you find it comforting to see reports claiming Facebook bans 20,000 kids younger than 13 every day from friending the world on its popular website. But, let's face it, where there's a will, there's a way.

Parents who have been unfriended by their own kids know there are creative means of still finding out what Junior is posting.

And, if we can do it, teens certainly can navigate the inner sanctums of online security, too.

Truth be told, the creators of Facebook admitted recently that, despite efforts to enforce the strict 13 years or older age restrictions, some children cleverly slip under the radar, the Daily Telegraph in Australia reports.

"There are people who lie," Facebook's chief privacy adviser Mozelle Thompson tells the Australian Federal Parliament's cyber-safety committee, according to the newspaper. "There are people who are under 13 accessing Facebook."

But, for parents who read the fine print in Facebook's terms, it is clearly stated: "You will not use Facebook if you are under 13."

Problem is, are kids reading the fine print?

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