To Ace the SAT, It Pays to Know 'The Situation'

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Has your kid studied up on Snookie for the SATs? Credit: Kevin Mazur,

Here's another one to add to the parent guilt trip files: You strict types who ban your teens from the voyeurism of reality TV may be stifling your kid's SAT scores.

Prepping for college entrance testing with TV's bold, beautiful and brawny -- in other words, studying up on Snooki -- could be the winning strategy for acing this important test, The New York Times reports.

According to the newspaper, some versions of the March SAT asked test-takers to evaluate the authenticity of reality TV stars such as "The Situation" from MTV's popular "Jersey Shore."

Apparently, this did not bode well with hardcore, non-TV-watching students who deluged the website College Confidential with their concerns.

"This is one of those moments when I wished I actually watched TV," The Times reports one student wrote on the site.

Another student tells the New York Daily News: "I guess the kids who watch crap TV did well. I was completely baffled; I watched 'American Idol' four years ago."

Another student tells the Daily News SAT prep classes taught attendees to use historical events or literature in essays.

"It was so difficult to try to connect something you've learned in school with that topic," the student tells the newspaper. "Some of my friends don't watch TV at all. They are really, really scared."

Reps from the SAT defended the question, tell The Times it was "engaging and thought-provoking" and that it was ultimately about getting students to "take one side of an issue and develop an argument to support that position."

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