Parents of Toddler Fight to Survive After Both Mom and Dad Are Diagnosed With Cancer

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Nathan Bond, a 38-year-old father from Brooklyn, N.Y., was diagnosed with Stage 3 colorectal cancer on Valentine's Day. About a week later, his wife, Elisa Bond, was diagnosed with breast cancer.

While Nathan was given a 60 percent chance of living five more years, doctors say Elisa's cancer is so advanced, her chances of surviving that long are only 16 percent, the New York Daily News reports.

Since receiving the news, friends, family and even strangers have come together to support the family, both emotionally and financially. Those close to the Bonds have been the family's side to care for the couple and their 18-month-old daughter, Sadie.

"We're fighting the statistics so we can be here for our daughter," Nathan tells the Daily News.

To help with medical expenses, the couple's friends have created a website accepting donations, and have raised $25,000 so far. They are not only receiving money, but words of encouragement and support, as well.

"Everyone should have a chance to feel this much love once in their lives," Nathan tells the newspaper. "Despite our cancer, we feel very lucky."

To support and donate to the Bond family, visit Friends of Nathan and Elisa.


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