Try This: Getting Kids Out of Bed in the Morning

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Your teen might look like a little angel when he's asleep, but when it comes to waking him up in the morning, there's nothing angelic about him.

These New York moms agreed, waking teens up in the morning is no easy task. Some use bribery like delicious breakfast to lure their kid out of bed. Others use harsher methods like pulling the covers off and letting them get really cold!

Our resident AdviceMama gives some pointers on how to separate your teen and her pillow in the morning:

"Rather than resorting to threats, bribes and general hysteria to light a fire under that slow-moving youngster of yours, focus on waking her and her groggy brain up without relying on drama and shouting to get her adrenalin pumping. Bring her a protein smoothie or an apple slice to kick-start her system when you wake her up. Turn on energetic music to help your daughter shift out of her foggy state," she says.

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Start by teaching him that it is safe to do so.