How to Play: Body Jump Relay

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Put you heads together and win the game! Credit: Getty Images

What you need: You need six players per team and a grassy playing field.

How to play: Divide the players up into teams of six. In a grassy area, have the players on each team lie down on their backs fanned out in a circle with their heads in the middle.

The rules: At the starting signal, the first player on each team will get up and run around the circle jumping over each team member. Once she gets all the way around the circle, she lies back down, and the next person goes. Play continues until all players have gone.

How to win: The first team to complete the relay is the winning team.

What else you need to know: Other variations of this game include having the players walk or run backwards around the circle and blindfolding the player who goes around the circle, who can get instructions from her teammate on how to get around the circle.

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