Boy, 10, Honored for Saving His Baby Sitter's Life

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Baby sitters are supposed to protect young children, but in the case of two Connecticut youngsters, the situation was reversed.

Tucker and Nina Stoops of Darien, Conn., will be honored March 31 at their local library for heroic actions that may have saved their baby sitter's life.

MSNBC reports the baby sitter, Naida Maldonado, was taking care of 10-year-old Tucker and 7-year-old Nina on Jan. 26, when Maldonado suddenly had problems breathing and became unresponsive. Nina told her brother something was wrong.

Tucker called 911.

"She's making a strange noise," he told Sgt. Jeremiah Johnson, the dispatcher. "I don't know if she is OK."

Johnson told Tucker to stay on the line and asked him for medical information.

"I know she'd had some medical problems before, but I'm not sure if it's with her breathing," Tucker replied.

MSNBC reports Tucker not only provided the medical information emergency personnel needed, but he was also exceedingly polite.

"Thank you for your help, sir," Tucker told emergency crews as they arrived. "The policeman is walking inside. Thank you for your help."

According to MSNBC, emergency room physicians told the Christina Stoops, the children's mother, that Maldonado might have died without Tucker's prompt action.

However, Johnson tells MSNBC Tucker refuses to take credit for saving his sitter's life, crediting Nina for alerting him to the problem. Maldonado, who has worked for the Stoops family for the past 10 years, is expected to fully recover.

"When you listen to the chilling audio of the phone call, it is evident that Tucker is nervous but amazingly never loses composure," Darien Police Department spokesman Jeremiah P. Marron Jr. says in a press release quoted by the local Darien News. "The Darien Police Communications Center receives calls similar to this on a regular basis, but rarely do the callers remain unruffled. Tucker and Nina Stoops are true heroes and are to be commended."

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