Rebecca Black's 'Friday' is Harmless Bubblegum Pop, So Why All the Haters?

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Rebecca Black is famous for singing and starring in "Friday," known to a lot of people as the worst song and music video of all time. To date, the video has garnered more than 60 million YouTube hits, and Rebecca and her mom says she's the victim of vicious cyber-bullying.

OK, so her voice is pretty annoying and the "video" is so cheesy it could be confused for an SNL sketch. But why all the haters?

Rebecca isn't a pop star or even a former Mousketeer. She's a 13-year-old from Orange County, Calif., whose parents paid a company called Ark Music Factory $2,000 to write and produce a song and video for their daughter to star in. Frankly, for me, that's the weirdest part about this story.

Dressed modestly and singing about having fun on Friday night ("party, party, fun, fun"), the song begins with Rebecca singing a list of things she does throughout the day, leading up to Friday night ("7 a.m. gotta wake up, gotta go downstairs ... gotta eat cereal"). Clearly, Ark Music Factory didn't spend too much time on lyrics. I couldn't help thinking of Dana Carvey in his famous "Choppin' Broccoli" songwriter sketch.

When Rebecca's friends come to pick her up for school in their convertible, she sings about where she should sit: "Kick it in the front seat, kick it in the back seat ... Which seat should I take?" Deciding on the back seat, she croons as her friends are shown in slow motion, the wind in their hair. It's a video moment reminiscent of Mariah Carey's "Dreamlover," circa 1993. Cheesy? You bet! But, again, why all the vitriol over a silly teenage video fantasy?

To Rebecca's credit, the song and video are shamelessly wholesome. There's no swear words or pole dancing or girls dressed as hookers. Maybe that's the problem. She says she picked this song because the others were about adult love and she hadn't experienced that yet.

Recently, Rebecca went on "Good Morning America" to talk about her new-found fame, the hate mail she has received and her hope that, somehow, her infamous video might result in meeting Justin Bieber.

All in all, she appears to be a pretty tough girl. Though she admits to crying after reading some particularly harsh comments, she's clearly decided to make the most of the buzz surrounding her G-rated video. Good for her!

Meanwhile, over on Bravo, several middle-aged housewives are also living out their pop star fantasies. After watching Atlanta housewife Kim sing "Tardy for the Party," there's something to be said for getting this out of your system when you're still in the eighth grade.

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