70 Percent of Moms Are Bringing Home the Bacon

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working moms

It's off to work most moms go! Credit: Getty

There's always been a long list of ammunition in the Mommy Wars between working and stay-at-home mothers.

But new statistics could call for a cease fire. A report shows that seven out of 10 American moms -- that's 70.8 percent -- with kids younger than 18 are in the labor force or looking for work, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
But working moms have not been immune to economic hard times. The study finds the unemployment rate for single moms with kids younger than 18, was 14.6, according to Today.com.

The study also shows married moms, who have historically fared better in the job market than single moms, faced an unemployment rate of 6.3 percent last year.

Moms (63.9 percent) with children younger than 6 were less likely to be working than the 76.5 percent of moms with kids from 6- to 17-years-old. The number of working moms with babies younger than 1 was 56.5 percent.

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