Babbling Babies 'Talk Show' Taking Internet by Storm

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A popular Internet video shows a couple of kids apparently holding an intense conversation in a babbling, nonsensical language no one else can understand.

Why is this thing going viral? Surprise! These are not teenagers.

They are oh-so-adorable 18-month-old twin brothers Sam and Ren. And, if daytime television and 24-hour news channels teach us anything, it's the entertainment value of watching people who don't really know what they're talking about babble on and on with extravagant facial expressions and hand gestures.

At least these guys are cute.

Stephen Camarata, a professor of hearing and speech sciences at the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center in Nashville, Tenn., finds the boys fascinating from a scientific perspective.

"These kids are right on the cusp of language," he tells ABC News. "They're using the intonation patterns of sentences -- imitating sentences in a crude way. It's one way that children learn how to talk."

Their exchange illustrates how children learn the structure of conversations even before they learn words, Roberta Golinkoff, an education professor and director of the infant language project at the University of Delaware, tells the network.

"They're producing syllables emphatically and using them for communication purposes," she says. "They're having a ball."

Sam and Ren may actually understand each other, Karen Thorpe, a professor at the Queensland University of Technology's School of Psychology and Counseling in Queensland, Australia, tells the network.

"I liken shared understanding to what we often see in married couples," she adds. "They have been together a lot and therefore some things do not need to be spoken, or limited communication is enough to convey the meaning."

Eventually, scientists say, Sam and Ren's babble will be replaced with English before being replaced again by emoticons and abbreviations like "LOL."

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