50 Games Kids (And You) Will Love

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Family friend games that you'll love to play too! Credit: Getty Images

A big part of the reason that we recommend limiting kids' video game playing is that many electronic games are both sedentary and solitary. But the new crop of active games is anything but. Games for the Nintendo Wii, the Sony Move, and Microsoft's Kinect for Xbox 360 are designed to get kids (and parents) moving. (See why experts say active games may help families lead healthier lives.)

Most of these games are family friendly and appeal to a huge range of interests and ages. Kids will enjoy sharing what they love with their parents, and parents can feel good about getting involved in their kids' media lives. We still recommend age-appropriate time-limits and games that encourage positive interactions.

Games We Love to Play

Here are some of our favorite active games:

Get Fit at Home
The American Heart Association found that playing active video games helps families be more physically active outdoors, too.

Fitness Games
From full-on work outs to dance-fueled fun, these active games are a great way to mix exercise and entertainment.

Wii Balance Board Games
If you've got a Wii Balance Board, these games will put your abilities to the test.

Good Health Games
The games on this list help promote good health habits (they're not technically active, but they're still fun to play, too!).

Kinect Games
With the Kinect, your body becomes the controller.

Playstation Move Games
Because the PS3 Move works in conjunction with a camera, in some of these games, you'll find yourself literally in the heart of the action.

Written by Caroline Knorr.

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