Brave Teen Takes On Bullies on YouTube, Supporters Rally

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"Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words may save me" could be a new mantra for kids who get bullied and speak out.

In a bold and brave move, a Connecticut teen is taking on the bullies who are making her life miserable on YouTube, rallying thousands of Internet troops in support of her plight.

After alerting the website of her hometown newspaper, the Westport Patch, of what she was about to do, Alye Pollack, a 13-year old eighth-grader at Bedford Middle School in Westport, Conn. used handwritten signs to say she is a victim of bullying on a YouTube video, according to CBS News.

Without ever speaking, she describes her pain and the insults she says she endures every day on the signs.

Thousands of viewers posted sympathetic comments: "Be strong, Alye," reads one message, and, "Always know how special you are," according to CBS News.

Sophia Green, 14, is Pollack's classmate and tells CBS she's witnessed bullies go after the girl many times.

"I think it's horrible what people do," Green tells the TV station. "I was on a bus once and people were like, talking about her headphones, and I was like, 'Guys, come on, that's so stupid. You just need an excuse to make fun of her.'"

Green adds, "She was like really brave for getting through this and she should just keep holding on."

In the video, Pollack pleads for help and says she's considering hurting herself. The Westport Public Schools superintendent would not discuss details of the case with CBS, but says the video took him by surprise.

Superintendent Elliott Landon tells CBS: "This surprises me and I don't know why this was not brought to our attention sooner."

For some kids, fighting back is bringing new-found respect. After being taunted and punched in the face, an Australian boy finally body-slammed his much-smaller alleged bully,according to a separate CBS news report. Earlier this month, he became a YouTube sensation for the violent act.

Now, Alye Pollack is fighting back, too, urging people to think before they speak, and using the same powerful weapons her bullies use -- words.

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