British Slang Translator: What's a 'Dummy Mummy?'

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dummy mummy

"We're having fun because we're over-paying for Nanny McFee!" Credit: Getty Images

Yo! Dummy mummy!

Do you have pramnesia? Nansformer just told you that Baby Gaga is having a Code Brown. There's no way to Disneyfy it. This is a definite dadmin. You don't want to deal with Nanny McFee.

Did you understand any of that?

If not, you're probably not a British mother (or "mum"). The London Daily Mail reports there's all sorts of new slang in Great Britain for new parents. Great. As if British slang wasn't hard enough to track already. (Snogging? Yuck. It makes kissing sound like post-nasal drip.)

Anyway, the paper reports, the term "Yummy Mummy" is no longer in fashion. Of course, who on this side of the pond knew it ever was in fashion? The preferred term these days is "Dummy Mummy." It refers to a new mother rendered stupid or at least forgetful by her children.

Here, according to the blokes at the Daily Mail, are the popular British slang terms to make you look hip during your next trip to London:

THE NAUGHTY TWO-STEP is a ritual dance performed by a child to show reluctance to go and sit on the naughty step. Whatever that is. Must be some sort of British equivalent of the time out.

BABY GAGA refers to an obnoxious little show off -- what in America is known as "Lady Gaga."

NANSFORMER is a grandmother who transforms into a multitasking marvel upon a baby's arrival.

DADMIN is a job suited for fathers and can include everything from remodeling the baby's room to emptying the diaper (or "nappy") bin.

CODE BROWN is nappy filler -- or to put it in standard American English, poop.

PUMP AND DUMP is pre-expressed milk before a mom's night out with the girls.

DISNEYFYING IT means making chores interesting.

PRAMNESIA refers to, uh, something about forgetfulness brought on by babies.

CALPHOHOLIC is a baby who likes the taste of medicine.

NANNY McFEE refers to the high cost of child care.


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