Nostalgic 'Nickname' Names Make a Comeback

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The Brits are often a little ahead of us when it comes to baby name trends, and they were the first to start reviving old-fashioned, Victorian-era "nickname" names, especially for girls.

On the current British popularity list of girls' names, for example, Evie, Ellie, Millie, Alfie and Archie all rank high.

We are looking back, as well, particularly to some girls' names that haven't been heard for generations. Many of them, like Lottie, have a nostalgic, golden-locket charm. There are others, like Billie and Charlie, that have a boyish edge.

Here are some nicknames that are now eligible for birth certificates, plus the more formal full girls' names that spawned them:

ADDIE - Adeline
AGGIE - Agatha
EDIE - Edith
EVIE - Evelyn
GRACIE - Grace
HATTIE - Harriet
JOSIE - Josephine
KITTY - Katherine
LETTY - Letitia
LIBBY - Elizabeth
LIVVY - Olivia
LOTTIE - Charlotte
MADDIE, MADDY - Madeline
MAMIE - Mary
MILLIE, MILLY - Mildred, Millicent
MINNIE - Minerva
NELLIE - Eleanor, Helen
TILLIE - Matilda
WINNIE - Winifred

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