Talking Twins Blab Their Way To 'GMA'

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When a video of 18-month-old twins, Sam and Ren McEntee, went viral, over 5 million viewers wondered, "Do these babies have a language of their own?" Or, "Are they just babbling noises at each other?"

Whether they actually understand each other or not, it seems they are having a deep conversation -- perhaps about the fate of a missing sock.

Stunned by the twin's overnight Internet fame, the McEntee parents appeared on 'Good Morning America' to chat about Sam and Ren's vocabulary. Although their baby-babble is new to YouTube, the twins have been conversing "...for a number of months now," mom tells GMA.

And while Blackberries do seem like an appropriate "toy" for babies with so much to say, we're wondering if they will be text-messaging soon, too.
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