The Hatch-Palucks, Week 25: Little Debbie and Me

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When we first started the Healthy Families Challenge back in October, one of my biggest concerns was the time commitment.

We are, like so many of you, busy. My daughter Emmie, 6, has reached the age where her after-school and weekend activities are infringing on our already strapped schedules, and Henry, 2, has his own burgeoning career as an extra-curricular star. Between their classes at the Little Gym of Champaign (both on different days), soccer practice, playdates and birthday parties, these two have the kind of social calendar that requires a full-time secretary.

Channing has been buckling down at work, going into his office every weekend to write, and I went through some pretty heavy professional upheaval this past week, leaving me to bury my face in a box of Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls, purchased on the sly so the kids wouldn't catch me with them.

It's been incredibly stressful. Just as we had a long-term plan mapped out, the topography changed drastically and we had to begin charting a new course.

little debbie swiss rolls picture

When the going gets tough, the tough binge on Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls. Credit: Amy Hatch

It isn't pretty, folks.

When I'm in crisis, I eat. And when I eat from stress, I tend to throw caution, er, I mean dinner, to the wind and declare: "Hey! It's been a terrible day! Who wants McDonald's?"

Including, maybe, a milkshake. Or two.

Channing is not that much different from me. One night found us on the sofa, matching bags of salty snacks in hand.

"Why am I so hungry?" he moaned.

"Because we're stressed out!" I yelled back.

As for exercising, that's taken a backseat to everything else as well. Channing and I had been meeting at least twice a week at the ARC here on the University of Illinois campus, and it really took the edge off for us both. We were more relaxed when we worked out, and it also gave us time together that we normally wouldn't have during the day.

Sadly, we haven't been to the ARC in two weeks.

I did get in at least 45 minutes on Saturday, when I took Henry to his Little Gym class. Because he's under the age of 3, he still needs an adult to accompany him while he plays. I ran in circles with him, which felt a lot like a metaphor for my life right now.


It doesn't look like mine or Channing's schedule will be settling down anytime soon, so we're kind of at an impasse.

Here's where I turn the tables and ask you for help. How do you cram exercise into your daily routine, when that routine is stretched to its limit?

I really want to know. Because I have these last six pounds to lose, and it's almost bathing-suit-shopping season.

And Little Debbie does not look good in a bikini.

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