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Rated ON for Ages 3 and Up

What Parents Need to Know

Parents need to know that "ABC Wildlife" is an innovative teaching app about animals from A to Z. The app links to YouTube videos that are curated by the Peapod Labs staff and are chosen to be interesting and safe for kids. The app teaches the alphabet using images and videos and allows kids to jump to new words by tapping the letters. There is also an iPad-specific version, which sells for $1.99.

The good stuff

  • Ease of play: The app is well designed for small children, with only a few different places to tap and no way to get lost or misdirected. It is very easy to get back to the ABC screen, but children can also jump to another word by tapping a letter in a word.
  • Educational value: "ABC Wildlife" teaches the alphabet by showing animal names from A to Z -- each word has a photo, a video, and bit of informational text. Also, any letter in the word can be tapped to jump to a word starting with that letter.
What to watch out for

  • Violence: Not an issue.
  • Sex: Not an issue.
  • Language: Not an issue.
  • Consumerism: Not an issue.
  • Drinking, drugs, & smoking: Not an issue.
Is It Any Good?

"ABC Wildlife" is an innovative app that teaches the ABCs. The app starts with a grid showing letters of the alphabet and at least one word for each letter. Tap on a letter to bring up an animal starting with that letter, or tap a specific animal name to jump to that animal. Each animal is accompanied by a photo, the word (with letters held up by little cartoon people), and a voice reads the initial letter and then the word itself. After a brief pause, another little cartoon person pops down holding a screen, which the child can tap to watch a video about that animal.

Tapping any of the letters held by the people jumps to another animal that starts with that letter, and the process repeats. Also, tapping the "abc" button jumps back to the alphabet grid, and the grayed-out squares are replaced by thumbnails of the images already viewed. It's a fantastic app that allows kids to learn the alphabet while watching entertaining videos and exploring links. The app is self-contained and doesn't present any options or settings screens, making it very kid-friendly.

App Details

Phone: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Category: Education
Price: $0.99, Version: 2.3, Size: 34.0 MB
Release Date: 3/22/2011, Publisher: Peapod Labs LLC
Minimum software requirements: Requires iOS 3.0 or later.

This review of "ABC Wildlife" was written by Jonathan H. Liu.

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