Top April Fools Pranks To Play On Your Kids

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april fools pranks

Illustration by Dori Hartley

It isn't often that parents get a chance to play tricks on their kids -- well, at least, tricks sanctioned by a holiday.

In honor of April Fool's Day, we compiled a list of great (harmless) pranks to play on your little punks:

1. Have more than one kid? Empty their drawers and switch their clothes while they're in school today.

2. Get a fake tattoo or nose ring, but make it look as real as possible.

3. Put food dye at the bottom of their cups and let it dry. Watch their facial expression as they pour in the juice or milk.

4. Glue coins to the sidewalk.

5. Freeze a bowl of cereal (with the spoon already in it) and tell them they're having cereal for dinner.

6. Slip a note under your daughter's door telling her you borrowed her zebra mini-skirt, or something else in her wardrobe that you and she both know is way too young for you.

7. Tell your college-aged kid that you've been accepted to their school's creative writing program. Ask if you can stay in their dorm while you tour the school.

8. Tell them for summer family shape-up, you've hired a personal trainer to come at 5 a.m. every day to lead a brisk morning jog.

9. Get brochures for Dinosaur Camp (or another camp your kid would hate) and tell them you've already signed them up.

10. Tell them you've volunteered to chaperone the school dance or prom.


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