Losing Pregnancy Weight: 5 Diet Tips

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losing pregnancy weight

To lose pregnancy weight, start your day with oatmeal and an apple. Credit: Getty Images

Celebrity moms seem to step right back into their pre-baby jeans moments after giving birth. But for most of us, getting rid of the baby weight takes time.

Even fitness pros have to work hard to lose weight after a pregnancy. Two experts tell ParentDish they have new respect for moms trying to get back into shape after having their own children.

However, Lindsay Brin, owner of St. Louis-based Moms Into Fitness, and Kara Mohr, owner of Louisville, Ky.-based Mohr Results, say there are a few secrets to getting back into your favorite jeans.

First : Remember it took nine months to gain the weight, so plan on it taking just as long to lose it. It's a battle to turn off the pregnancy and breastfeeding eating, but with these tips you can control some of it.

  • Never start your day off at a drive-through. An unhealthy breakfast can lead to unhealthy food choices for the rest of the day. "I tell people to eat oatmeal and an apple for breakfast," Brin says in a phone interview. If you're in a hurry, grab an oatmeal bar for the road.
  • Use the plate method. Make sure half your plate is covered with vegetables, one quarter of it with protein and the other quarter with whatever you want. Making sure your meals are veggie focused is not only healthier, but it means fewer calories, too.
  • Don't eat two dinners. Eating with your kids and then eating again when your spouse gets home is a sure-fire way to keep the weight on. Try sitting down with a cup of flavored tea while the kids eat, so there's a sense of ritual, and then eat your meal sitting down with your spouse later.
  • Skip the BLT diet. Moms can add a tremendous amount of calories through a series of bites, licks and tastes, says Mohr. She says cutting that out helped one of her clients lose eight pounds.
  • You bite it, you write it. Keeping track of everything you eat during the day may sound overwhelming. But the "you bite it, you write it" method makes it easier to keep track of calories, Mohr says in a phone interview. It also makes you more aware of the food you're eating throughout the day,not just at mealtime.
The baby is more important than the jean size, so don't beat yourself up by comparing yourself to the latest star who is showing off her post-baby body.

"They're paid to look good," Brin says. "And they have to put in hard work, too."

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