Mom's Photo Captures Magical Moment Under the Rainbow

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rainbow boy picture

Credit: Avena Singh, Solent News

We all have those moments with our kids that seem so perfect, you just want to stop the world.

But unless you've got a time machine stashed away in your basement, a great photo or video may be the best way to savor that delicious memory for years to come.

Which is just what Avena Singh, a 35-year-old amateur photographer from Oregon, attempted to do while exploring Shore Acres State Park with her 3-year-old son.

Singh, who lives close to the park, headed there in the hopes of getting some great photos after the local weather report predicted high waves. But little did she know the day would bring her the shot of a lifetime.

'I had noticed remnants of rainbows once in a while when the waves crashed and was trying to capture them with little success," Singh tells the Daily Mail. "A couple of photographer friends were with me and got my son, Rishabh, to pose as the waves hit."

But after her friends took their photos and turned away, Singh saw the rainbow arc right over Rishabh and started snapping away like crazy, hoping to catch a bit of it.

"The remnants of the wave just fell straight down, and the rainbow disappeared as quickly as it had come," Singh tells the newspaper. "My son stood perfectly still in complete awe of what he discovered, his very own rainbow."

And when Singh got home, she was, too, overtaken with awe.

"I was overjoyed when I uploaded the images to my computer and was able to see them in all their glory, it was something I could never replicate," she tells the Daily Mail. "It felt amazing. Having my son be right in the middle only made it more special. My children are everything in the world to me and had my son not been there it still would not have been as special."

You can bet we won't forget to bring the camera the next time we venture out with our kids.


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