"Pull Up Your Pants" Arkansas Governor Tells Students

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"Pull up your pants!" Credit: AP

Respect yourself and stop taking fashion inspiration from drug dealers and strippers seems to be the not-so-subtle message of Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe, who wants boys to pull up their pants and young girls to stop baring their breasts.

Taking the lead of legislators who have long been complaining that sagging pants exposing underwear and low-cut tops baring bust lines are inappropriate for school, Beebe signed a bill banning attire that exposes "underwear, buttocks and the breasts of a female," according to Reuters.com.

"Student competition over the manner in which clothing is worn could lead to violence and injuries during school hours," legislators wrote in the new law, reports Reuters. Lawmakers also say the legislation helps teach kids how to dress appropriately for their future workplaces.

Some parents are applauding the ban.

"Really with the girls, especially you know with the cleavage and everything, it just promotes promiscuous behavior," Lavida Byrd, a parent, tells Arkansas local 5NEWS.com. "The kids need to have some more respect for themselves."

Darren McKinney, principal at Darby Junior High School, says some schools are already following the new state standard.

"Our dress code already has in it no saggy pants and no excessive showing of things like that," Byrd tells 5NEWS.

Josh Cunningham, a research analyst at the National Conference of State Legislatures, tells Reuters that he was unaware of any other state with a ban of baggy pants in schools, although some cities have been successful in enacting such laws.

Florida is one state where sagging pants are a criminal offense. Last December, the city council of Opa-Locka, Fla., voted to fine saggy pant wearers $250 or 10 hours of community service, according to Local10News.com.

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