Florida Neighborhood Wants to Ban Kids From Playing Outside

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Off my lawn, Sonny! Credit: Corbis

Are a you a crabby old coot tired of shaking your cane and telling confounded whippersnappers to stay off your lawn?

Then welcome to Crabby Old Coot Estates -- otherwise known as Persimmon Place in Central Florida.

WKMG, the CBS affiliate in Orlando, reports the homeowners association will not only fight to keep your lawn free of whippersnappers, they'll all but lock the little hooligans up and throw away the key. Association members are considering a rule to have their neighborhood rated R.

No children will be allowed to play outside unless accompanied by an adult.

The neighborhood is not exactly a children's paradise as it is, WKMG reports. The 48 townhouses are surrounded by a parking lot with little room to play. Some residents say that only increases the noise level.

Others say this whole thing is a bunch of malarkey.

"I think people forgot what it was like to be a kid and want to go outside and play," resident Shawna Magee tells WKMG.

However, association member Kim Scott has a bone to pick with parents who bring children into the neighborhood in the first place.

"They came in and rented in a community that does not have a playground and is not conducive to children," she tells the station. "Then they expect the children to play in the driveways and parking lot. You wouldn't see them playing in the parking lot at Walmart or Kmart, but they come here and turn the children loose."

Under the proposed rule, any uncaged children caught without an adult keeper results in a $100 fine.

Even when adults are present, the rule would prohibit kids from playing tag, skateboarding, riding Big Wheels or using toys considered "loud" or "obnoxious."

Magee tells WKMG some members of the association just don't like kids. Period.

"They've been trying to restrict the kids from doing different things for as long as I've been here, but we have always had our voices heard," she tells the station. "It just wasn't that way this time."

Kids have until the April 29 homeowners association meeting to enjoy the sun. After that, WKMG reports, if the anti-kid forces carry the vote, every house becomes the Big House.

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