Should Parents Who Let Teens Drink at Home Be Punished?

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teen drinking

Should parents who let their kids drink at home be punished? Credit: Getty Images

Attention Mississippi parents: If you let your teenagers and their friends drink alcohol at your house, you could go to jail.

Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour "... has signed into law a bill that supporters say will make it easier to prosecute parents who host drinking parties for teenagers," according to AP.

Potential punishments for party-perpetrating parents range from a $1,000 fine to 90 days in jail.

Mississippi local officials say, "Parties where teens invite their buddies over with their parents' permission to throw open the liquor cabinet or raid a fridge full of beer are common." We imagine it happens in other states as well.

Some parents let their kids drink at home where they can supervise and ensure that no one is driving. What do you think? Should parents who let teens drink at home be punished? Or is it better for the kids to party under your own roof so you can keep an eye on them?

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