The Quintanas, Week 26: David and I Fall Off the Plateau

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Look, we can get our arms around each other! Credit: Elizabeth and Christian Roman

There is nothing more disheartening when you are trying to lose weight than hitting a big, flat plateau.

Since starting the Healthy Families Challenge last fall, David, my husband, and I had lost a combined 49 pounds and 10 inches off our waists. Then, we hit the flat spot. And then we gained a few pounds back on our glorious, food-filled Georgia vacation. Visiting the land of Southern Cookin' was wonderful for our stress levels, but not entirely good for our HFC goals.

Immediately, upon our return home, I did my usual menu, and we got back to the gym. Much to his sadness, David has only been going for workouts at a local gym two to three times a week lately, as his crazy work schedule -- not to mention a back that keeps threatening to go out -- has not permitted him to take his classes at American Top Team Doral.

I am still taking my yoga classes at Pranoga on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and I have now added a Women's Boot Camp class at the Doral Vineyard on Monday nights.

I am seeing a difference since the activity level picked up. I'm already down the two pounds I gained on vacation, and I'm feeling super excited to see the rest of the weight come off. The cardio is just what I needed.

David has lost the four pounds he picked up on our trip and his energy levels are high, even though he's had to miss his Jiu Jitsu training at ATT. At the gym, he runs, and when his back is really sore from work, he sits in the sauna and at least sweats for a little while. I'm proud of him for sticking to a routine of some sort despite his schedule and physical obstacles.

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Beth, my oldest daughter, broke her thumb a while back, and was really down about the fact that there was not much she could participate in. She went with me to the Monday night boot camp class and loved it. The class focuses on cardio and toning. The heart-pumping exercise really lifted Beth's spirits, since it was the first thing she's been able to do since the broken thumb. Our instructor, Michelle Christie, absolutely loved the energy that she brought to the class. A teenager's excitement to be there was contagious to the entire group.

Aaron, my oldest, is right back at Tuesday and Thursday Jiu Jitsu classes at ATT, alongside Chloe and Christian, my two youngest. Christian is training hard to be able to attend the regional NAGA (National American Grappling Association) competition. He was invited to the last one, but was not able to attend due to the loss of his "Abuelita."

Chloe is having a hard time attending The Little Gym of Doral because of a Saturday tutoring program her school is implementing, but hopes to get back soon.

Overall, we are so grateful for the way we are feeling.

It's obvious that being healthy by eating right and exercising makes a difference in the way we view ourselves, but it also aids in the way we function and respond to daily tasks. David and I have discussed the fact that we even find ourselves to be more productive at work.

We have not only changed the way we look, but also the way we think.

We have formed good habits that will last a lifetime. Eating is no longer something that we do just because it's necessary, but something that we do with a purpose and a plan. Exercise is not just a hindrance to our schedule, but something we look forward to.

Despite the plateau, we have kept on keeping on, and we are grateful for all we have learned and have yet to learn. So, if we have to hang around "the plain" again at some future point, it's okay. It's not about the size of our waists, but the health of our bodies.

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