'Mommy! I Got to Touch a Breast Implant in School Today!'

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"Mom, it was so squishy!" Credit: AFP/Getty Images

You don't often get to touch boobs in elementary school, but this was a special occasion at Shady Grove Elementary School in Henrico, Va.

It was Career Day.

Can you guess what nice person was kind enough to bring breasts for the children to touch and squeeze? No, not the firefighter. Not the police officer. Not Mr. Hefner. Not even Miss Kardashian.

It was your friendly neighborhood plastic surgeon. The Daily Mail in London reports he came by just in case any of the kiddies dream of someday giving boob jobs to the rich and sagging. He reportedly brought along a breast implant for kids to, uh, examine.

Believe it or not, this was the first chance many children (some as young as 9) had to touch to a prosthetic breast.

Parent Jacquie Kelley's 10-year-old daughter was absent on Career Day. Nonetheless, Kelley tells NBC News her daughter may have missed out on the breast implant demonstration, but there's no way she, herself, is going to miss out on the parental indignation.

"I would not have been happy with it nor would I have agreed with it," she tells the network. "I think they're a little young to be having this discussion, and with everything going on with body issues and everything else and bullying and stuff like that, you don't need to add that to the mix.'

Facebook and Twitter have been lighting up parental rage, NBC News reports, but the kids don't seem to mind.

They tell NBC the local plastic surgeon comes every year, and the lessons are useful and informative. At least one parent, Marie Bradt, agrees.

"I think if he was talking about it in the medical sense and trying to explain to him that sometimes this happens to people then I'm comfortable with that," she tells NBC News.

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