Twins Now On the Way for Couple Involved in Embryo Mix-Up

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After a clerical mix-up in a fertility clinic in 2009, Carolyn and Sean Savage were informed they were carrying another couple's child.

The wrong embryo had been implanted, "Today" reports, but the Sylvania Township, Ohio, couple opted to continue the pregnancy, anyway.

"We knew that we had somebody's very, very wanted child," Caroline Savage tells the news show. "I just couldn't see doing -- taking that away from another mother. There's just no way."

Carolyn Savage delivered a baby boy, Logan, who was given to his biological parents.

The Savages gave birth to a boy, Drew, in 1994, with no complications. But then fertility issues began to arise. In 1997, Ryan was born prematurely, and, after 10 years and four miscarriages, the family welcomed Mary Kate in 2008, using IVF.

"That IVF produced extra embryos we had frozen for later pregnancy attempts which led us to a frozen embryo transfer in February 2009 and the call from the doctor alerting us of the medical error," the couple writes on a site for its book, "Inconceivable: A Medical Mistake, the Baby We Couldn't Keep, and Our Choice to Deliver the Ultimate Gift."

The Savages tell "Today" they wanted to use the remaining embryos, via surrogate Jennifer Onash. She miscarried an earlier pregnancy, but is now expecting twins for the couple, due in August.

"Now that Jennifer is expecting twins for our family, we are overwhelmed with gratitude," Carolyn Savage writes on the "Today" website. "Obviously, we are grateful to be expecting two more children with Jennifer's help. But, more importantly, we are grateful for the lessons Jennifer taught us about generosity, kindness and love. That will always be her greatest gift to us."

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