Professor Slams Laptop Down on Student's Fingers

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Slacking in class? Don't let your professor catch you. Credit: Getty Images

A law professor learned a lesson about the law himself when he was slapped with handcuffs and charged with battery after slamming a student's laptop shut.

Time magazine reports Dr. Frank Rybicki was teaching his law class at Valdosta State University in southern Georgia when one of the students decided it would be more fun to cruise the Web. Rybicki allegedly responded by slamming her laptop shut -- right on her fingers.

According to Time, the student went to the police and filed charges. University police promptly arrested Rybicki, who, once free on bail, found himself out of a job pending an investigation.

A Valdosta State spokeswoman tells Time professors have policies and procedures to follow as part of their employment, but did not specify penalties.

Some students have supported Rybicki on Facebook, Time reports, calling him "one of the best" and commenting, "It's a disgrace that we'll lose a great teacher."

Hopefully, none of these comments were posted during class.

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