Fifth-Graders Step in to Help Fill School's Library Budget Cut Gap

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Budget problems are plaguing schools today, but at Wilmot Elementary in Evergreen, Colo., students are stepping up to help fill at least one of the gaps.

Denver's KUSA, an NBC affiliate, reports that when the school's library aide job was eliminated last year, teacher and librarian Michele Bergeron-Coldsnow created a library apprentice program, asking fifth graders to apply for the post.

"I wanted them to feel like it was important," Bergeron-Coldsnow tells the station. "It did matter and that if they did not show up, it would go undone."

Peter Sweeney and six other students re-shelve books, clean and hand out past-due notices, according to KUSA

"When I help out, I feel good about myself," Peter tells the station. "... It made me realize how hard it is to actually be a librarian," Pete said.

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